Re-opening of Grace CRC on July 12

Re-opening of Grace CRC on July 12

Listed are the new guidelines for Grace CRC and the re-opening of the church:

1. Grace will begin weekly on-site services on July 12.

2. Seating has been rearranged to allow proper space between families (7’ between rows, four empty chairs between family groups).

3. No greeter (a welcome sign will be placed on the door).

4. All must wear masks covering noses and mouths while inside the building. Extra masks are available should someone have need of one.

5. We ask that only one person at a time use the restroom. A sign will be placed on the doors indicating this request with a reminder to knock before entering. Continue to provide hand sanitizer in bathrooms, near entrances and on the table outside of the sanctuary.

6. No coffee hour. People may bring their own coffee and stand outside for visiting.  Basement is closed, nursery is closed, kitchen is closed. 

7. Continue recording the service for those who would like to stay home and watch on Sunday morning using live stream.

8. All hymns, readings and responses will be projected. We recommend attendees bring their own Bibles. 

9. Singing is suspended for the time being. Words to the songs will be projected with piano accompaniment. The congregation will be asked to meditate on the message of the song and may hum along if they desire.

10. Offering: leave plate on the table outside of the sanctuary. Members can drop in their offering as they enter or leave. Mark envelopes/checks with “special offering” and “general fund”; loose cash will be counted for the general fund.

11. Because the service will be live-streamed and to protect the privacy of the all, personal prayer requests will not be included during the congregational prayer time. The congregation is encouraged to use the GraceCRC prayer chain ( or speak to their elder and/or Pastor Paul personally for prayer support.

12. Communion: People walk forward (adequately spaced). The plates and cups will be held by Elders with gloves. Elders will hand the bread to those coming forward.  Grape juice/wine will be spaced every other slot for people to take. Additional trays with bread and wine will be placed on an adjacent table for those who are not comfortable approaching the elements held by an elder.

13.Cleaning staff: Cleaning after the service – Wipe down of door knobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, and stair rails.  Pianist will wipe down piano, sound people will wipe down sound board, projector person will wipe down computer and video remotes.

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