Grace CRC Midweek Devotion Guide

Grace CRC Midweek Devotion Guide

Each week our devotion and prayer guide will include a scripture reading, devotion, and reflection section. It is hoped that God will comfort and strengthen you through His word and reflections upon His truths. Please begin each time of devotion by finding a quiet place. Allow yourself plenty of time to give God space by surrendering yourself to His leading as you contemplate, meditate and listen to the Spirit’s call on your life. Below are a few notes on the individual segments of each devotion you will be receiving.

1. Scripture: Consider perhaps taking a bit more time with each reading. Here’s a suggested format to move you into a slower more contemplative pace as you ‘ingest’ God’s word.

  • Invoke: Invite the Holy Spirit to guide the reading of the scripture.
  • Read: Read the passage(s) a few times. Reading out loud is a great way to really ‘hear’ the words and intent. Ask yourself, “What is the message of this particular passage or verse?” Try different translations if you feel you need to.
  • Meditate: Sit in silence and listen to the voice of God. Let His words take root.
  • Pray: Begin a dialogue concerning anything that stands out to you from the reading. Open yourself to His will concerning what you have read.
  • Contemplate: Determine to listen to your heart and put into practice anything that God has revealed to you. Thank Him for meeting you and helping you quiet yourself so that you can hear His word for you.

Devotion: Read the accompanying devotion slowly and be aware of anything that especially touches your heart. Give yourself time to think about what you are reading and how it applies to the scripture you read.

Reflect: Under this section there are three sub sections.

  • Worship: You will be asked to focus on one attribute of God and worship Him for who He is.
  • Pray: There will be suggestions here but certainly not better or more important that the Spirit’s urgings in your heart!
  • A Kind Act: If God revealed something to you that you need to attend to, determine in your heart how you will carry out His will. Also, decide on a kind act to perform this week. Suggestions will be given, but again, listen to the prompting of the Spirit above all else.

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